Installation of facades on the VERNISSAGE project

June 21, 2023

Ziggurat has started installing facades on the VERNISSAGE project. The manufacturer of the hinged panels is the company Rikam. Their landmark projects in Moscow: LCD Barkli Residence, LCD Garden quarters, KCD Medsi, the building of the Moscow City Duma on Strastnoy Boulevard.

Art Deco facades are made of glass-fiber concrete (SFB) panels up to 5.5 meters high. This is a modern material, which includes:
- white cement of high grades;
- fine fibreglass fibers with high resistance to alkalis;
- sand as a filler;
- water and minor components for special purposes: coloring pigments, plasticizers, etc.

This formula explains its unique operational properties. SFB is much stronger than ordinary concrete, including 10-15 times in terms of impact indicators. At the same time, its weight is only 10% of the weight of reinforced concrete. Fiberglass is not susceptible to temperature and humidity changes, as well as to dynamic and chemical influences, for example, to the effects of reagents. The material is waterproof, frost-resistant and non-flammable, not prone to cracking. Products made of fiberglass are not subject to corrosion and rotting, do not contain harmful and toxic components.

The material is exceptionally plastic. Products made of it come in a variety of shapes, textures and shades.

Upon closer examination of the details of the facade of the VERNISSAGE clubhouse, it can be noticed that fiberglass has a porous texture of natural stone. And laconic light shades fit neatly into the surrounding urban development.