The ZIGGURAT manifesto video became the winner of the WOW Awards

September 9, 2022

On September 8, Izvestia HALL awarded the winners of the professional award in the field of advertising and marketing —WOW Awards 2022. ZIGGURAT became the winner in the nomination "Image video".

The video manifesto "ZIGGURAT. The Path of a Modern Odyssey" was filmed in collaboration with the boutique creative agency Exalter and the famous director Aksinya Gog. The main character of the Ziggurat advertising campaign is the personification of a superman. Faced with challenges, the modern Odyssey only gets stronger and continues to go to his goal. In the finale, the viewer sees an allusion to Michelangelo's painting "The Creation of Adam" and the slogan "THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT" (from the English "Heaven is not the limit"), as the personification of man's desire for the divine and thirst for knowledge.

Ziggurat WOW Awards WOW Awards is an award that determines the best advertising projects of real estate companies, the most effective and effective creative of the industry. This year the award is being held for the eleventh time. More than 400 cases were submitted for participation in various nominations, which were evaluated by a professional jury – more than 100 real estate market experts. Of the 63 finalists, 19 of the best works of this year were selected. The organizer of the event is the REPA Association.